May 1, 2009

Syphilitic bint oozes something to autofellating scumbag

Herpes-infested twuntwaffle mAnn Cunter, reporting from her home planet of Rectumia, told fellow troglodyte Sean insHannity last night that President Obama is "actually the second least popular president we've had in 40 years."

Meanwhile, here on planet Earth, polls across the board -- one even by the WSJ! -- reported this week that Mr Obama's approval rating "is the highest of any president since 1969 other than Jimmy Carter, and Obama's most recent weekly average approval rating is higher than the approval ratings of every first-term president since 1969" other than Saint Ronnie of Reagan.

CUNTER: He's actually the second least popular president, 100 days in, we've had in 40 years -- something else the mainstream media seems to be portraying in a different way.

Uh, that "different way" you speak of? Its called "factually."

COULTER: But 100 days, you haven't really seen the effects of his policies. I don't see any of the fundamentals changing in the economy. We ought to be going --

HANNITY: Oh, I do.

CHLAMYDIA: -- through a bad time. And then --

HANNITY: Oh, wait a minute, Ann.

CUNTER: -- oh, yeah. No -- well --

HANNITY: Oh, he's bankrupting the country. You know, we are --

COULTER: No, I know. But that the effects of that won't be felt for a while. And right now, to the extent Americans still have a favorable opinion of him, I think it has a lot to do just with the irrepressible optimism of Americans. Things aren't going to get better. They will see their 401ks not -- not getting any better and this could be a good opportunity for Republicans.

HANNITY: Weaken our defenses -- America, the socialist utopia of France -- 9/11 -- keepin' us safer -- Ronnie! Ronald Reagan! Ahhhhhh! Whew. All right. Ann Coulter good to see you let's take a break so I can change my shorts bye.