June 9, 2009

GOP scrambles for a messenger, clue

The Morally Bankrupt Party of Permanent Irrelevance is having trouble deciding on a spokesperson and a message, whether to suck and/or blow, reports the Moonie Times (mostly):

The struggle to settle on a speaker for Monday's big congressional Republican fundraising dinner underscores the tough time the party is having finding national leaders to help them form a message and go head-to-head with President Obama.

Serial adulterer/hypocrite Newt Gingrich ended up headlining, capping an awkward back-and-forth in which imbecilic bumpkin Sarah Palin's advisers in Washington initially agreed for her to deliver the keynote speech only to have her Alaska office later argue that she never committed.

The party's former vice-presidential nominee was then reinvited to attend but told to keep her damn pie-hole shut so as not to anger bloated bully/WATB Gingrich, himself a prima-donna of the first order.

Fun fact: the fundraiser saw receipts drop from $21.5 million last year to $14.5M this year -- heckuva job, guys!