June 9, 2009

Craven conservaturd coward: 'Liberals are being mean to me! I'm going home!'

'It's time to change the tone of our coverage,' sniffs Real Clear Politoons' Stuart Rothenberg, after being allegedly picked on by spineless human pinball Chris Matthews, of all people.

In May, I made an appearance on one of MSNBC's political shows. The segment's main focus was the current state of the Republican Party. When the segment ended and I walked off the set, I knew that that would likely be my last appearance on "Hardball." I had decided that I would not accept another invitation to appear on the program, should one come...

During the show on which I appeared, Matthews referred more than once to Republicans as "Luddites" and took every opportunity imaginable to portray them as crackpots. The show's topics inevitably pander to the most liberal Democratic viewers and present Republicans and conservatives in the least flattering of terms. For those of us who enjoy following politics and are interested in the news, there are fewer and fewer options on television. [T]oo often, caricature and vitriol have replaced reporting and analysis.

Gee, ya think? Yet, not that long ago, when Tweety was pandering to repukes and insulting Hillary, Bill Clinton, et. al. it was perfectly fine and dandy. And its just lovely when Morning Joe or Faux Noise portrays Dems and liberals as baby-killing moonbats who want to tax you while having gay sex with your pets. Please.