June 2, 2009

Minnesota justices not buying Norm Coleman's bullshit

"Things look so poorly for Coleman, in fact, that the local CBS news affiliate was unable to find a single legal expert who could spin on behalf of the former senator."

The Minnesota Supreme Court tells the the obstructionist WATB to put up or shut up regarding his laughable claim that "thousands" of absentee ballots were never counted.

Minnesota Supreme Court justices expressed skepticism Monday of Norm Coleman's claim that absentee ballots in his Senate race against Al Franken were illegally excluded -- even though his own legal team acknowledged that no voter fraud had taken place.

The court is expected to issue a ruling in the next few weeks. But even if the state Supreme Court rules in Franken's favor, the battle may continue. Coleman and his lawyers have said in recent weeks that they may take their fight to federal court.

"If the Republicans can't get Coleman into office, then keeping that office vacant for as long as possible is the next best thing," said David Scholtz, an election law professor at the Duh! Institute.