June 2, 2009

Profiles in courage

One of the biggest turds in the media takes a stand -- against his asshole buddy getting Dixie Chicked by those evil liberals.

The WaComPo's resident yambag wHoreward Kurtz snivels, "Let's take a deep breath: We need to be really, really careful about blaming people for murder."

And by "people" he means shrill conservaturd piss-hole Bill O'Reilly, who accused Dr Tiller of murder time and time again:

The reprehensible slaying of George Tiller shocks the conscience. The man who pulled the trigger -- a suspect is already in custody -- is responsible.

But within hours, the liberal blogosphere was aflame with posts declaring that Bill O'Reilly bears some responsibility for the killing. I'm not going to join the attack.

It is perfectly fair to hold the Fox News host accountable for his words and to question whether he has gone too far in personally assailing Tiller time and time again.

But is it his fault if some abortion-hating fanatic decides to kill another human being?

You faux-naive PUTZ. Do you really think your rightwingnut goon friends would spend so much time and energy raving on the air if they thought nobody was going to act on it? Douche. Go to hell.