June 15, 2009

The Morally Bankrupt Party of Permanent Irrelevance notches up another fail

South Carolina rethug a racist. Gee.

Rusty DePass, a prominent Republican Party activist, happened to see a Facebook post by an aide to state Attorney General Henry McMaster. The post described an escape by a gorilla on Friday from the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia. DePass, once a state Senate candidate, responded to the post with these words: "I'm sure it's just one of Michelle's ancestors - probably harmless."

DePass later admitted that he was referring to Michelle Obama and said, "I am as sorry as I can be if I offended anyone. The comment was clearly in jest."

Mighty white of him. Irony-bonus:

De_Ass, a county co-chair for cross-dressing adulterer Rudy Giuliani's 2008 campaign, once wrote an op-ed entitled, "Do Republicans have higher moral standards than Democrats?"