June 9, 2009

Palin beginning to irritate some Senate gpukes

The braindead Disasta from Alaska is getting on the nerves of republican senators who say their former vp nominee is "taking her own White House aspirations far too seriously."

Several GOP senators offered searing criticism of the blithering dodo when asked in recent interviews whether she could pose a credible challenge to President Obama in 2012.

“She has to hunker down and govern and show she’s not a joke,” said a GOP lawmaker, rolling his eyes.

Palin has shown herself to be a magnet for political drama since McCain tapped her as his running mate in August. This penchant for melodrama has left a bad taste among some members of the stately GOP Senate conference.

One GOP senator questioned whether Palin has enough gravitas for voters to trust her in tough economic times.

There, fixed it.