June 12, 2009

Rush Limbaugh hates America... and everyone else

Hateful, impotent junkie is a greedy, selfish, self-indulgent and narcissistic scumbag who should die alone, unloved and covered in his own feces.

Many Americans have grown tired of the right-wing rhetoric and cavalier attitude toward the common people and voted for an overwhelming Democratic-controlled government. The right-wing are now in the position that the left were in previously, as they are now the ones currently complaining about the government.

Hey, love it or leave it, right?

Rather than use positive means to make America a better place, many of them are hell-bent on standing in the way. And unlike the left, who just wanted to end a meaningless war and make this country a better place for all, the right-wing just wants to wreak havoc. We are seeing it with many of our elected Republican officials, who are behaving like whining children. And much of this attitude seems to be coming from an expected place - right-wing talk radio.

The fact that [that bloated POS] wants this country to fail, if only to spite people he doesn't like, says volumes about this disgusting pig of a man.

So, why does anyone still give a rat's ass about the unhinged rantings of this self-absorbed mound of self-indulgence gone awry? And why does the modern-day conservative movement, and the Republican Party for that matter, yield so much power to a former disc jockey with a drug habit and lust for Dominican boys?

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