June 24, 2009

SC gov's walk in the woods on Naked Hiking Day a problem for the GOP

Well, at least it wasn't Naked Gay & Lesbian Hiking Day, I guess.

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford's mysterious disappearance from his state is the latest sign that Republican governors, once thought to be President Obama's most credible adversaries, haven't quite lived up to their billing.

From Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's cringe-inducing nationally televised response to Obama's first budget address to Texas Gov. Rick Perry's suggestion that his state might secede, GOP governors — including those said to be eyeing a potential 2012 presidential bid — haven't exactly looked like the political grown-ups many party strategists had promised. And none has had a rockier go of it than the party's best-known governor, Alaska's Sarah Palin.

But the latest high-profile fiasco involves Sanford.

This came out before it was revealed Sanford had gone on an alleged coke-fueled gay poon jag in Argentina. Whether or not it was Naked Coke 'n' Poon Week remains to be seen.

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