June 24, 2009

Shorter Boortz: "whargarbrglgllglll"

Neal "kneel" Boor-tz gets all pissy when President Obama doesn't pull a flag-pin out of his ass and rub himself off on it, the way Tipsy McStaggers used to:

So what did you think of Obama's press conference yesterday? Maybe you were more struck by what Obama DIDN'T say compared to what he read from the teleprompter.

Sigh. Still at it, jackass? Try getting some new material -- this stuff is so goddamn old and stupid it could be mistaken for Sen. McCain. And wtf does that even MEAN??

Above: a refresher for Mr Boor-tz, who is one of the most imbecilic man-skanks ever, on this or any other planet. He goes on, unfortunately:

For example, the Politico points out that his 55-minute news conference failed to include the words "Iraq" or "Afghanistan." That's not all, try the words "Korea," "Pakistan," "soldiers," "surge" and "war." No mention of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine. None of 'em. A stark difference from our previous president ...

Oh, the Politico! Figures. How... very... helpful and newsy. Clue: he was discussing the situation in Iran, dickweed.

He also left out "terra," "terra," "terra," "9/11," "terra," September 11th, "terra," "9/11" and "Boor-tz is a fucking asshat." A 'stark difference' indeed, in that he DIDN'T come off as an ignorant, drooling sub-goon.

Here's the transcript. And something special for Mr Boor-tz: