July 14, 2009

Doughy pantload gets paid for this tripe

I see the National Repew eds have corpulant fingersniffer Jonah Goldberg writing pieces for their tots nowadays...

Okay, so I’ve had internet problems so staying abreast of the news has been a problem.

What, your TV isn't working? Your morning home delivery of the Moonie Times got stolen? You can't walk down to the local Gas 'n' Go for a paper? Your computer at work killed itself? Lazy fucking idiot. "Staying abreast of the news" = surfing to see what the new rightwingnut talking points are, I bet. Jerkoff.

So, I’m willing to concede that maybe I’m missing something.

Don't get me started.

But, from what I can tell this Cheney scandal story (much hyped in our little New York Times digest thingamajig), is the mother of all nothingburgers. It’s hard for me not to see it as a ploy by Democrats... The base always enjoys beating up on Cheney and the press likes that stuff too.

Gosh! Its a good thing the pwincess Liz is there to slay those stoopid demoncraps! An' speaking of nothingburgers, I could weally go for a double bacon an' cheese quarterpounder with extra fries! Asshole.