July 8, 2009

HuffPo hires the Froomster!

Glenn Greenwald gives us the good news:

In yet another sign of how online media outlets are strengthening as their older establishment predecessors are struggling to survive, The Huffington Post has hired Dan Froomkin to be its Washington Bureau Chief and regular columnist/blogger. Froomkin will oversee a staff of five reporters and an assistant editor, guide The Huffington Post's Washington reporting, and write at least two posts per week to be featured on its main page and Politics page.

Clearly, journalism itself is not dying. What is dying -- and rightfully so -- is the staid, establishment-serving, access-desperate, mindless stenographic model to which establishment journalism rigidly adheres.

Which is a nice way of saying 'in your FACE, neocon rethug propagandist fuckheads! And fuck you!'