July 7, 2009


Whether you need a laugh or just need to get your blood moving, you can always count on the nose-excavating autofellators at freeretard.com. Here, they argue over a piece at the ironically-named americanthinker:

Constitution apparently declared optional by Obama administration (Grounds for impeachment brewing)

Evidence continues to accumulate that President Obama regards the Constitution's requirements as merely suggestions...

Bum bum bummmmmm! Funny, I never heard that kind of talk when the Dictator-tot and his cronies were in charge, illegally spying on US citizens, torturing, and using the Constitution as their own personal buttwipe.

  • When the massacre begins, he needs to be the first to be tried for disobeying what he swore to protect, our Constitution.

  • Can we cut throught the bullshit for a second? Has there been an administration in the last 50 years that has viewed the Consitution as anything other than optional?

  • Why do you want to obfuscate the matter like that? -1bama is a Kenyan-born Manchurian President and here you are defending him by saying "They all do it."

  • { } has a poi...

    **** CARRIER LOST ****

  • Massacre? Sounds like rightwingnut extremism to me! TERRORIST!!!!
    Oh, wait: IOKIYAR.