July 7, 2009

Let the rightwingnut circlejerk begin

Some blithering assmunch at inhumanevents.cum takes pen(is) in hand and writes, to the rising chorus of moans from Troglotardia:

Nothing better demonstrates the fact that Gov. Sarah Palin's on a roll than harrumphing experts declaring that she's finished.

Dude, I.... She walked off the job and away from her constituents without even completing one term in office. Yeah, she's on a roll. Like yesterday's fish filet. Barracuda a la mort. Au merde.

If resigning the Alaska governorship to fire-up and re-build the conservative movement into a 50-state constituency by laying into Obama and campaigning heavily for GOP candidates up and down the rungs of government is such a career-ender, why are libbies running in circles, shouting and yelling in panic?

I think by "panic" you mean "raucous laughter and high-fives." Dumbass. Plus I 'm pretty sure she said she was getting sick of the notoriety and wanted to spend more time with her family. Though I guess campaigning heavily across the country is a good place to do that. Idiot.

Liberals claim Palin's decision to unshackle herself ...

Make that "cut and run from the position she swore to uphold when she took her oath of office," you cretinous fuck.

... is 'puzzling,' 'bewildering,' 'confounding,' dumbfounding' 'befuddling,' 'mystifying,' 'perplexing,' 'mind-boggling,' etc., then they immediately proceed to explain what her motives were. Two seconds later, they're back to being 'bewildered,' 'puzzled,' 'befuddled,' 'confounded' -- in other words, their normal state of mind.

Uh-huh. Yeah, firebreathing liberals such as

Roger Simon
Richard Cohen (WaComPo)
Ed Rollins
The USA Toady editorial board
Chuck Grassley
David Frum
Anne Applebaum (WaComPo)
Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski

If she can't face the media, how is she going to be able to stand up to al Qaeda?
Oh right, you really can't BOMB the media. ** snort **