July 7, 2009

Profiles in courage

After nearly four hours of deliberation, horse-dealing, wife-swapping and multiple rounds of balloting, the South Carolina rebooblican party voted Monday night to censure adulterous cretin Mark Sanford for leaving the state, his wife and his kids and traveling overseas to visit his mistress.

22 members voted to formally reprimand Sanford. Ten others voted to ask him to resign, while nine voted to support him.

Of course they did.

The resolution censured Sanford for conduct that demonstrated "repeated failures to act in accordance" with the party's core principles and beliefs and also reprimanded the governor for "falling below the standards expected of Republican elected officials."

Bwahahahaha! Yeah, he committed adultery with a woman. ** Snicker **

Sanford might have survived a state probe last week into his travel, but plenty of his fellow Republicans say they are still hearing from unhappy constituents...

... especially those living near the Appalachian Trail who now feel they are just a tawdry punchline thanks to yet another stupid, possibly criminal action by a repuglican politician.