July 15, 2009

RNC Propaganda Nutwork, now with even MORE stupid

Faux Nooze, that beacon of journamalistic integrity, solumnly reports that "dozens of legal challenges to the President's nationality" are a "persistent problem" for the Obama administration.

Uh, that would be no.

The fact that Fox reported this story as if it were an serious legal question, offering only a terse statement from Press Secretary Gibbs to debunk the birthers, demonstrates their complete lack of ethical or journalistic standards.

Indeed. A couple of certifiable, attention-whoring nutjobs who probably also seen pitchers a' Bigfoot with Elvis come no where NEAR posing a problem for the President.

Fox 'News': going so 'full retard' that their chromosomes have fractured at the submolecular level, recombining into Mega-tard.