August 12, 2009

The Best Example of IOKIYARism Yet

Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts are goat fucking, child molesters who hate the troops and loves them some al Qaeda

The White House is expressing frustration at two GOP senators who have admitted using a procedural tactic to stall the nomination of a fellow Republican, Rep. John McHugh of New York, as secretary of the Army.

The two senators from Kansas — Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts, both Republicans — are using a senatorial prerogative known as a “hold” to prevent the nomination from coming to a floor vote.

“At a time of two wars, and when Secretary Gates has authorized a 22,000-soldier increase in end strength for the Army, it is simply irresponsible to play politics with these critical nominations,” a senior administration official said of the moves.

Republicans in Congress will be apoplectic. The wingnut bloggers will be in a shreikfest, O'Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, and Beck will be loonier than ever, the networks will feel obliged to give the story coverage 24/7.
Oh, wait, the Senators are Rushthuglibots.....never mind, nothing see here, move along.