August 12, 2009

Keeping you informed on the issues

Fox “News” cuts away from coverage of Prez Obama’s town hall, but says "Any contentious questions, anybody yelling, we will bring it to you here."

Fox News pulls the plug on Obama [event] because it wasn't contentious enough:

The moment that Fox chose to abandon the event was just after the audience started asking questions. What became immediately obvious was that Fox had no interest in continuing coverage because they concluded that the event was not confrontational enough.

The first couple of questions were not the sort that would incite the frothing anger that has become a staple of their coverage of the health care debate. Even David Bauder of the Associated Press recognized the barely hidden motivation of Fox…

The striking thing about is that it is an admission that Fox is only interested in contentiousness and yelling. It is rather startling that [anchor Trace “Asswipe”] Gallagher would make a promise to his viewers that amounts to a declaration that Fox will only present the President when he can be made to look embattled or unpopular.
-- And then it gets worse. Read the rest here.