August 10, 2009

Repuke moral values & fiscal conservatism

South Carolina’s adulterous republican Gov. Mark Sanford used state aircraft for personal trips, often bringing along his wife and children - contrary to state law regarding official use and the wishes of his Argentinian mistress.

Besides using the state plane to fly to political party gatherings, the hypocrite -- who once criticized other state officials for their travel budgets -- has used it to ferry his taxpayer-funded ass to his children's sporting events, to hair and dentist appointments, and a donor's birthday party.

The trip on the state aircraft enabled the governor to keep his plans for a 3 p.m. haircut across town. There were no other appointments on his official schedule that afternoon; the trip back to Columbia would have taken about three hours by car.

Also, on five of the last six Thanksgiving weekends, Sanford used a state plane to fly himself, his wife and their four sons from the family's plantation in Beaufort County to Columbia for the state Christmas tree lighting. The cost for those flights alone: $5,536, including $2,869 for flying the plane empty to pick them up.