August 10, 2009

Former rethug House Speaker suffers “brain” damage

As morning talk show guests looked on in disbelief, world-series dumbass Next Gingrich went to bat for the batty claim by ignorant quitter Sarah Palin that the president's health care plan would result in a "death panel" that would kill her kid.

Defending the “death panel” post on ABC’s “This Week,” Gingrich said, “you’re asking us to trust the government.” By such reasoning, American foreign policy is not worth its word, the currency is worthless, and the moon landing was indeed a fake.

The last time Gingrich went so far was when he called Justice Sonia Sotomayor a racist. He retracted it then. We’ll see what he does now. As for Palin, she should follow her own advice to the media of a few weeks ago — lay off the kids and “quit makin’ things up.”
Ummmm, Newt? Sarah? :