August 4, 2009

Sapping and impurifying our precious bodily fluids

Flat-birthers believe, against all odds, that the Barack Obama birth "scam" -- that he was born in Hawaii, good ol' USA -- was planned back in 1961. Eugene Robinson:

"They" diabolically planted these birth announcements 48 years ago, establishing a false record, so that a chosen infant who was actually born in some foreign land -- Kenya? Indonesia? Manchuria? -- could be groomed, perhaps programmed, and someday installed in the Oval Office...

Trying to analyze the "birther" phenomenon would mean taking it seriously, and taking it seriously would be like arguing about the color of unicorns. About all that can be said is that a bunch of lost, confused and frightened people have decided to seek refuge in conspiratorial make-believe. I hope they're harmless. And I hope they seek help.
As if.