September 14, 2009

Cheney heckled at his alma mater

Powermad torturer razzed during oxymoronic designation:

About 100 protesters heckled Cheney throughout the dedication ceremony for the University of Wyoming's Cheney International Center. The trigger-happy warmongerer and his harpy wife donated $3.2 million for the new center for scholarships for Wyoming students to study which countries should be bombed into oblivion next abroad.

Protesters made up about a fifth of the crowd of about 500 and hoisted critical signs: "Shame on UW" and "We don't want your blood money."

"They violated international law. They had no respect for other countries," Jennie Boshell, a senior at the university, said of the Bush misadministration. "To put Cheney's name on an international center is ridiculous, and it makes the university look stupid."