September 14, 2009

Where poop comes fwom!

Nonindoctrinated grade-schooler writes column for one of mommy an’ daddy’s favewit websites…

“What's in a leftist's name?” asks terminally-inbred James Lewis at the ironically-named American Sophistry -- uhhh, Thinker:

What hurts a lot of people is not so much their weaknesses, but their endless feelings of weakness and inadequacy. Take Van Jones. His birth name wasn't Van, which is a truck for moving things. Ludwig "van" Beethoven means Louie "from" the farm village where they grow all the beets. ("Van" means "from". "Hoven" means farms. "Bete" means beets. Ludwig means Louis, or in American, Louie.) So "Van" means "From." Hi, I'm Mr. "From" Jones. Just call me "From." Wuzzat? I hear you say? Well, that's what you get when you adopt the name of an English preposition, ‘cause it sounds cool.
Wow, making fun of other people’s names is so cutting-edge! So meaningful! So clever! Did you know that “James” means “giant douche” and “Lewis” means “to pull out of the ass” in some languages? That your new hero Joe Wilson’s real name is “Addison”? That your other hero -- the former VP’s -- name is “dick”?

Jeebus Christ, what are you, in 3rd grade?

After a lot more nonsense such as hur dur hur blah George Soros dur he breaks in with this non sequitur:
Being President doesn't satisfy Mr. Obama. He must be the Second Coming of Christ, giving lasting peace to all the peoples of the world whether they like it or not.
OMFG, not world peace!!! What a commie!
Swallow that ObamaCare, kid, or else.
Then adds that the left are a bunch of atheists. I read that fucking POS article 3 times, and I still don’t know what his point is. If he actually had one besides being a giant disingenuous douche.