September 13, 2009


nnnnnnnnyyyOK!!! AM I ALONE HERE? OR does this photo ring your blood pressure like a frickin' GATE BELL or somebody didn't correctly enter your shit at WalNOTSmart and YOU'RE TRYING to leave the store and the THIEF AT THE DOOR thing goes OFF!...........& u r IN THE CLUTCHES of the GREETER OLD PERSON............omg...............& it only gets worse from there...............

Putting blood pressure THRU COLLEGE HERE.

i HATE each and every one of these pictured dicks! They all swallow cum. Meaning that what matters most to them is "ACCESS". It is the "blood milk" to them because it is directly related to the amount of money they get to take home in any given week and pay for a really pretty, lavish and comfortable LIFESTYLE. Their women and their women's friends are I M P R E S S E D!!!! AND they look like MEN OF MEN in the natural world because they gargle spew and are allowed to call themselves JOURNALISTS!

Every one of these assholes needs to take a life altering vacation down a scenic beautiful and meaningful once in a life time chance HIKE in the Grand Canyon wearing NYC/WASH DC street shoes.

The bodies won't be found, the voices won't be missed due to the speed of the replacement voices.........nothing to see here, MOVE ALONG! It needs to happen now, the time of "soon" is OVER.

i HAD some hope in the predawn beginning for Stephanopoulos, but that so dissipated in a Wall Street Deal Flash Plan once they coupled his sorry ass with a MICROPHONE!!!
THIS is a picture of the faces who are out there in the MAINSTREAM MEDIA who are spokespeople for the CORPORATE STRUCTURE of what is America today they are are butt ugly. Couldn't "Corporate Office" get someone pretty for the job? Gable/Clooney type???? WHY are we being subjected to such HOMELY????

I LIKE a pretty face when I'm getting screwed without being kissed.................ya know?