September 9, 2009

“Inside The Pages… uhhh, Mind of Mark Foley"

The disgraced repuglican who made headlines sending sexually explicit emails to underage congressional pages is getting his very own radio talk show.

Foley is set to debut his radio show entitled "Inside the Mind of Mark Foley" on Sept. 22 on West Palm Beach radio station WSVU 960am. In between the gay gay gay musical stylings of Barry Manilow and Barbara Streisand, Foley, who resigned way back in September of 2006, will discuss "the inner workings of DC and how things are being decided and what the process is."
Processes like what lotion to use, which brands of towels are best, and asking callers if they got handjobs over the weekend or if they spanked it themselves. On their back. Into a towel. Or with their cute butts bouncing in the air.