October 26, 2009

Backfire! Rebooblican delivers anti-Repuglican survey comments to Democrat

Heh. From TPM:

When North Carolina state senator Phil Berger (huurrrr-R) trucked a wheelbarrow stacked with Republican surveys into the governor's office, he thought he was delivering a neat blow to Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue.
But Berger, in his presumptuous jackassery, didn’t actually read them, much to his chagrin:
“I am embarrassed to be associated with this organization. Your tactics are disgusting and you're going to lose a generation of voters," said one.

"Stop wording questions so geared up to get the answers you want and start wording them to actually find out the people's opinion, not just confirm your own," read another.

“Leave my sheep alone, you sick fuck,” might have read a third.
A Dem spokeswoman also said she found a $50 check among the surveys, a campaign contribution made out to rethug Berger for “ethics classes” and a “smugectomy.” The governor's office will forward the check to him, she said, giggling.