October 26, 2009

Lou Dobbs doesn’t like brown people

Black people, yellow people, red people…

This week, CNN aired a new four-hour documentary called “Latino in America,” exploring how Latinos are reshaping American communities and culture. The broadcast sparked protests in cities around the country, including outside CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta, with minority groups calling on the network to fire anti-immigration crusader and serial misinformer Lou Dobbs.

CNN has not commented on the protests or covered them on its news programs. But not only has CNN ignored the Dobbs protests, the network edited out criticism of Dobbs.
Edited out criticism of Dobbs’ criticism of Latinos. From Latinos. In America.

I know there’s an effort on some of the lefty blogs to boycott Fux News. I’ve been boycotting CNN for months now. I’ve even stopped sending Wolf Blitzer (below) and John King samples of Vagisil.