October 21, 2009

'Best seller’ now at new low low low low price!

Low! Sarah Failin: American Quitter marked down. And down. And down.

Not many new books get a 69% discount before they are even released. In fact, BuzzFlash -- which sells progressive books -- has never seen such a slashed price for a book before it came out like the $9.00 Amazon.com [(same at Walmart, and free at worldnutdaily)] is charging for "Going Rogue."

Yes, Palin and "Going Rogue" -- not released until November 17 -- are going down cheap, at a price usually reserved for what are called "remainder" books, the surplus stock of a book that is dramatically discounted.

Of course if you give it away, you can have a popular product, so it's no surprise that as of October 19, "Going Rogue" is number 4 on Amazon.
And it doesn’t hurt that conservatard sites are buying it in bulk to give away to new subscribers.