October 26, 2009

Bill for Douchehat Day stuns fellow douchehats

Awwwww. Too fucking bad.

Glenn Beck Day in Mount Vernon, WA was an expensive lesson for this small town, as it found out the cost of hosting a controversial celebrity fucking turd.

It's on the hook for $17,748.85, mostly for 239 hours of police overtime. Isn't that a little steep for a one-day event*?
’We had to plan for all them America-hating hippie protesters,’ said the mayor, who wasn’t about to let some people get in the way of his asskissing boondoggle.

*It was an “early evening appearance,” not a one-day event. Oh, and only one person was arrested, for disorderly conduct. Reports that it was the mayor for jizzing all over Beck’s shoes were unconfirmed.