October 28, 2009


Did you guys catch Jane on Maddow last night? Re septic tank ratass snake shit Lie-man (R-BigPharma), the worst piece of shit in the stockyard of Congress forever! I hate that weaselly traitor rat bastard every single bit as much as everyone and anyone hates him only alll put together into one giganormous hair ball of rabid hate on fire ball the size of which hasn't been seen since the dinosaurs got wiped off the face of the planet when something similar landed in the frickin' Yucatan. He wastes oxygen on this planet and sucks sewage thru a supersize straw and chews it before swallowing and don't even get me STARTED on his swallowing, let alone his suckage!!!

so anyway,

Jane TRIPLE DOG DARES Blech! spewLincoln to join blowin' HoJoe in a health care filibuster.
She explains her dare (hit the link above) in this post and it's a beautiful thing. I'd be willing to bet that she has a plethora of that kinda campaign/election knowledge on any one of our blue dog enemies &/or their fuckin-cousin kiss n' tell connected at the anus rethugs. And she's so cute! when she's pounding nails into their entrails. CHECK IT OUT.

DO looky the vid.

fuckin BOLD, Jane!!!
one of my BEST POLIMOMENTS of 2009!!!

I always did since childhood to today love Amazon warrior women the best of ALL THE CHARACTERS in this and other worlds!