October 28, 2009

Keepin’ America safer

The patriots of the Bush misadministration only spent an hour kabulling together an Afghanistan report prior to handing it over to the Obama Administration

The upside is that this was one more hour than was spent reviewing the "Bin Laden Determined To Attack Inside The U.S." memo.
Oh, snap! From Air America:
A "C" student move if ever there was one, this new information is shocking to no one. What better way to culminate almost eight years of neglect than to hurriedly assemble a last minute report like a college freshman scrambling to finish a term paper because he was too busy funneling beers.

Sen. Ted Kaufman, a former Biden aide, also said that Bush officials "threw some kind of report" on Afghanistan policy "to the transition team as they were going out the door." Kaufman also indicated that the Obama team did not put much stock in the report as it came from an administration that had spent years neglecting Afghanistan.

[Fawning dip] Bob Woodward reported that during his second term, [Resident Bunnypants] became so disengaged from the decision-making in both the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts he helped spawn, he skipped key meetings on the conflicts saying, "I'm not in these meetings, you'll be happy to hear, because I got other things to do."

If only these "other things" included thinking.
The Deciderer, the engaged war preznit, had other things to do? Jeebus. I am both flabbergasted and not surprised by this. God, what an a-hole that man was. What a fucking disaster. And this clown is now doing the motivational-speaking-tour thing? ‘Nyuck! Even a complete fucktard kin be preznit! Haw!’ Criminey.