October 21, 2009

Krauthammer’s repulsive audacity of attacking the WH

Watch what you say, terrorist-lover! Oh, sorry, that was Dumbya’s press sec Ari Fleischer.

Botoxed columnist Charles “Krap” Krauthammer – the first virgin ever to contract virulent syphilis -- visits his cronies on Faux Nooze to wallow in Obama Derangement Syndrome, gpuke jism.

Noozebusters’ gee-what-a-surprise headline: “Krauthammer Rips 'Repulsive Audacity' of White House for Fox News Attacks”

"[I]t's different than just fighting back; this is an effort to destroy the cable news channel. Look, it's one thing for the government, the administration to attack opponents, institutions, media," Krauthammer said. "It is another to go out to try and delegitimize them and destroy them."
Oh please. You overreacting SIMP.
"I thought it was sort of repulsive audacity on the part of the administration to go out and to declare Fox is not a real news organization, particularly when there might be big companies out there who might think twice about having an ad on Fox," Krauthammer continued to pompously whine.
You mean think twice about subsidizing liars? Weh. Bonus (the comments are the funnay)!