October 8, 2009

Thrice-married adulterer destroys another IronyMeterTM

“A victory of [Obama’s] values would mean the end of American civilization as we know it.”

A black hole of hypocrisy was formed yesterday when serial playa and wife-abuser Newt Gingrich opened his blubbery piehole and said something stupid. Again.

In an interview with the fawning conservaturd nationalrepukeonline, the playdoh-ish ‘former’ playboy – now “directly infused with Christ” (eww) -- piously discusses the importance of religion while blasting the left and the Kenyan Muslim socialist commie President who is destroying Saint Ronnie of Reagan’s America. Like eight years of Bush/Cheney never happened, with their myriad of GOP scandals, illegal hankypanky and other ethics probs.

Oh, and Newt? If Americans did not want to have a Prez Obama in office they could have voted in McCain, or Hillary, or Romney, or any of the other contenders back then. So screw you, jerkoff.

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