October 1, 2009

US military commanders hate America

Retired generals and admirals say that Dick and Liz Cheney are a couple of assholes.

Trigger–happy psycho Dick Cheney and his harpy daughter Liz are scaremongering about the dangers of closing Guantanamo, say people who actually had the courage to serve.

“It’s up to all of us to say these arguments advanced by Cheney and his acolytes are nonsense and that really what they’re doing is undermining our national security by delaying the date at which Guantanamo is closed,” said retired Brig. Gen. James Cullen, a former chief judge of the Army’s Court of Criminal Appeals.

“We take a setback every time somebody, whether it’s the vice president or his daughter comes out and says the things that they say,” said retired Gen. David Maddox, a former Army commander-in-chief for Europe. “We have to get out there again and just keep pounding.”
Hopefully in this case the general means actual physical, redmeatthudding asskicking pounding.