October 1, 2009

Watch what you say, citizen

You can add "Law & Order" to the list of television shows that conservaturds have deemed America-hating propaganda. Here, one of Breitbrat’s wittle butt-hurt contributards has a WATB poutfest:

The only surprising thing about hearing that “Law & Order” was going to take on the Bush administration over “torture” is the realization that “Law & Order” is still on the air.
I mean, what kind of American watches cop shows??? Jeez!
So now “Law & Order” is taking on the Bush administration and, by extension, all of those who have fought so hard to keep our country safe from terrorism since 9/11.
**sniff!** Damn commies! Honey, put down my slippers and bring me my flag…
I’m in awe at these iconoclastic artists’ bravery and courage in forthrightly expressing exactly the same views held by all of their friends and associates.
Not like us rightwingnut teabaggers, right, Rush? Glennbo?
If you want to tear this nation apart, it would be hard to think of a more effective way to do it.
{** blink ** What?? – Ed.}
”Law & Order” has once again managed to rip a critical story from the headlines, but it’s not the story its writers think. It is the story of one of the stupidest and scariest trends in American politics today – the criminalization of political opposition.
Those damn communofascist socialist Hitler-lovers!!!! Where’s muh gun?!