November 3, 2009

Dem aids woman attacked by repulsive POS

In a class move, Democrat Bill Owens has come to the defense of his former rival after she was attacked by porcine bloater Rush Limbaugh.

The always-disgusting Limbaugh managed to outdo himself in scumbaggery, saying "Scozzafava has screwed every RINO in the coun -- we can say that she's guilty of widespread bestiality. She
has screwed every RINO in the country." Says the Viagra-fueled screwer of Dominican boys.
Real man Bill Owens was not about to let that stand:

"This despicable attack on Assemblywoman Scozzafava offends me personally and exemplifies exactly what's wrong with Hoffman and his rightwing backers. Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the rightwing special interests that are running Hoffman's campaign can't even begin to compete with what she has accomplished over her career... Doug Hoffman and his supporters have sunk to a new low today."
But the vile junkie had more to say: "Moderates by definition have no principles," Limbaugh spat on his hate-radio show, saying "RINOs" (Republicans In Name Only) "may become extinct."

Look who's talking. You loathsome sack of crap.