March 9, 2010


Loathsome harpy and her retinue of scumbags continue to get slammed by the right.

The “Al Qaeda 7”? Those incompetent McCarthyites in Liz Cheney’s private bunker seem to have miscounted:

Michael Chertoff, who served as counsel to a man identified as a leading Al Qaeda fundraiser in North America, went on to head the criminal division at Justice and then to become secretary of Homeland Security.

The list would also include Michael Mukasey, Bush’s last attorney general, whose law firm had an active pro bono program writing appeals in support of the Guantánamo inmates on constitutional issues, and Rudy Giuliani, whose firm was and is also engaged in representing Gitmo prisoners.
Yeah, a Bush/Cheney AG and “America’s Mayor,” Rudy “9/11” Giuliani, Liz, you cunt.

Even one of the biggest repuke prigs on the planet is pissed:
A group that includes leading conservative lawyers and policy experts, former independent counsel Kenneth Starr and several senior officials of the last Bush [misa]dministration, is denouncing as "shameful" Republican attacks on lawyers who came to the Obama Justice Department after representing suspected terrorists.

"We consider these attacks both unjust to the individuals in question and destructive of any attempt to build lasting mechanisms for counterterrorism adjudications," wrote the 19 lawyers whose names were attached to the statement as of early Monday.
The best line of the day has to come from Eugene Robinson, though, who basically tells Mulva Vader to cram it up her fuckpipe sideways:
“She ought to spend the time examining her own principles, if she can find them.”

He goes on:
"[M]aligning is apparently the whole point of the exercise. The smear campaign by Cheney, et al., has nothing to do with keeping America safe. It can only be an attempt to inflict political damage on the Obama administration by portraying the Justice Department as somehow "soft" on terrorism. Even by Washington's low standards, this is unbelievably dishonest and dishonorable. [...]

"This time, obviously, they went too far. Scorched-earth groups like Keep America Safe may just be pretending not to understand our most firmly established and cherished legal principles, but there is one thing they genuinely don't grasp: the concept of shame."
Update: Ken Starr speaks out, calls Ms Cheney a stain on the fabric of America.