March 9, 2010

Anti-gay republican: “I’m gay”

Quick, Obvious Man, to the Duhmobile!

Member of the Traditional Values and Sanctity of Marriage Party is not only divorced with four children, a habitue of gay bars, a drunk driver and a total hypocrite, but is also a raging homo.

California state Senator Roy ‘Ass-burn’ Ashburn, whose arrest last week caused a frenzy of searches, has come clean. Not about his DUI. No, he admitted to what had already been suspected: The anti-gay rights politician is gay.

To recap, the state senator was arrested in a state-owned car last week of driving under the influence. Well, that was embarassing. But then reports surfaced that the politician, divorced with four kids, had been seen leaving a gay bar in Sacramento shortly before his arrest. What set tongues wagging was the Bakersfield senator's voting record: consistently against gay rights.

Ashburn defended his voting record by explaining that it represented the will of his constituents, who live in the more conservative central and southern parts of the state.
The divorced-with-4-children part was okay with them, though, huh.