December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve!!

I'm sick as a dog and I haven't even been drinking. Have a good one!! See you soon!


One Fly said...

Two things need to be said-get well real quick and Happy New Year.

Capt. Bat Guano said...

I was worried about ya. Glad to see a sign of life.

Big Em said...

Yeah, Maru, I was wondering where you were --- if 'The Jersey Devil' had gotten you, or (WORSE yet) 'The Jersey SHORE' devils!?

And you're probably better off without the alcohol, if my experience was any indication. After all, alcohol is a depressant, essentially a 'downer'. So if you're sick and/or down about things, alcohol will only exaggerate that 'down' mood, especially if you drink a few too many (which ain't hard to do, once you get going).

So Happy New Year and good luck!

pearloftheprairie said...

Your site was one of the first I ran across a few years ago when I was investigating this "blogging" thing and I still return daily, hoping for my fix. Although the circumstances of 2010 kept you from posting much, I pray 2011 holds good health, good jobs and time to get back to the snark we all miss.

m said...

here's to 2011 - may it be an improvement, and if it can't be better than 2010, then it really is a pathetic loser.

and maru, you had such delightful and descriptive monikers for president "monkey mcmoron", have you none for mr. obama?

thanks for all the smiles along the rocky way.

Hayli said...

I spent the whole weekend sick too!
and then I got my husband sick..
and now everyone at work will get sick..

Top 20 Lists said...

What's up with everyone being sick!!!? I was sick too :(

Big Em said...

How you doin Maru? You didn't get worse or seriously sick, did you?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

where is everyone?

Capt. Bat Guano said...

Okay Maru, I'm getting worried about you again. I hope you are okay??????

maru said...

Hi guys, I've been sick, my poor mom's been sick, the bf's been sick, my dad is all upset b/c of my mom... this has been a really HORRIBLE and exhausting past few months. Thanks for hanging in there!!!!

Big Em said...

Geez, sorry to hear about your family's illnesses. Did you guys accidentally watch Fox 'News' and experience radiation sickness? I think that could happen - - - I get ill just hearing 2nd hand accounts of Fox, so direct viewing is undoubtedly toxic if experienced without psychological protection (ie; channel surfing, bathroom-breaks, family arguments, etc) for prolonged periods (10 minutes or more). Only a sociopathic personality can handle Fox News exposures greater than 1 hr and not experience mental illness, because they're already there!

Get well soon!

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