December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas, everybody!!!


Big Em (channeling Homey again) said...

MMMmmmm-a-a-ahhhhgggh....Coookkkkkkiiieess (slobber/slobber)

Suzan said...

Thanks, sweetie.

And happy hols to you and yours.


Ginger said...

Merry Christmas, Maru! And a wonderful 2011 and always!


Capt. Bat Guano said...

And a Happy New Year, hope your BF is doing well. Looking forward to another fine year of snark.

Reamus said...

All the best Maru, keep the snark coming in 2011!

wangmo said...

ZOMG....*drool drool*...WANT KOOKEEEEZ!!!

Best looking Christmas Cookies of all time, Maru!!!

Thank you for all the gr8 reads. It’s been a joy following your twirling snark baton that leads us to step-over/step-around the horrors of the bushco train-wreckage by miraculously somehow making us laff our butts off instead of puking. Somehow with that laughter you create in the face of such malfeasance, this reader feels inspired to carry on ever forth looking for the clear light path out of the oil spill reality that is the Repuke Oilygachary installed with the illegal Coup 2000. Our American Eagle has been grounded in the Gulf dripping in toxic oil.

Your snark somehow seems to dissolve spill spoilage and makes me think the Eagle will fly again. Yes, Maru, you are..(is that a bird? …a plane?)... SUPERMARUUUUUUUU!!!!

Dibs on the Christmas Tree cookie with the redhot ornaments!!


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