August 11, 2012

AAAAAnd We Haaaaave..........


Dumbshit plastic boy Snitt Robme chooses the other robot who the pukes throw out into the nooze on a regular basis for his terrible acumen for numbers: Paul Ryan (All Rayon to those who know him). The Robme/Rayon ticket is hereby thrust upon the world and all of Europe and the rest of the world continues to laugh at what is the continuing comedy puppet and stage show called American Right Wing Politics. And I'm driven to the bathroom in stark embarrassment like I have not felt since Chimpy McMonkeyBoy held the reigns on the US and world politics that were his lectric pony for 8 long years FROM HELL!!!. The new VP pick is not Sarah Palin, BUT would be if it had the boobs. This idiot is at least semi articulate in his raving stark mad policy ideas that typically amount to genocidal policy for all. It's the same old Rethuglican refrain, "ALL FOR THE RICH AND THE REST NEED TO DIE AND GET OUT OF OUR WAY!". End of story.

ONe has to wonder whose flipping brain fart this was since we all know that the The Snitt Robme No Thousand really doesn't come up with "ideas" like normal people. He's just programed to spit out a response here and there built especially for the occasion and moment and immediately thereafter discarded in the Snitt Mark Nukulator for permanent disposal. Some jack ass around him planted this most very poor idea into his swiss cheeze brazane and let it fester into a steamer of a statement resembling a choice creating a long loud cheer from those who were suspecting that there was actually no life there at all!!

Now what? We all sit back and wait for it. Wait for THE STUPID to burble forth till our brains burn....Not to worry, it's not gonna be a long wait. That's what wieners do. Screw and burn ya and take it to the bank laughing at ya.