August 11, 2012


I'm sorry to have been so strikingly absent, you guys. It's been crazy weird here on the planet siri. I'm going to get in here this weekend and straighten out some BULLCHIT goin' on around our "beloved" government and the idiot savantless whose blind eye is set upon OUR White House, there's some BITCHIN TO BE DONE HERE!
I'll be at it over the weekend.
Thank you all so much for hanging in. And believe me, I KNOW I'm no Maru. I miss the hell outa her too, no body does it better. I do not presume to ever take her place or keep abreast of her footfall and contribution to the ongoing, I'm just trying to breath some life into this, her baby, this astoundingly awesome blog she created, all in the hopes that she'll get back home here soon. So thanks for bearing with my falling so very short attempts and thank you all again for your loyalty. Maru loves her peeps, don't doubt it for a minute.
Catchya'll on the rebound.

The pic is of Volcanic Lightening. Blow away zone re the photog! MORE OF THE SAME HERE. I dig the hell out of 'em.