August 28, 2012

Tampa, FL

Well, there they are. All gathering in one place. And there's coming also a full blown HURRICANE! So, we're all set. Popcorn's popped. Bar is stocked. Party hats, confetti and tooters are distributed to all the guests. RIGHT?? There's a 52" HD flatscreen in EVERY room, including the restroom. We're set, we're partying and we're waiting. Let the storms begin!!! We COULD watch and party and watch and party for the entire 4 days and after the farewells to Tampa we could wake up and there'd be NO REPUBLICAN PARTY ANYMORE, ANYWHERE. Right? I mean the first 2 facts make for an obvious #3 conclusion? Right??
I need more coffee. I woke up in my fantasy world.
It's a cruel hard and heartless tease to put all the Rethuglican party leaders in the same location of a potential Level Five Hurricane and they don't get blown away to no one cares, just AWAY!
Maybe I'll throw some Kahlua into my coffee, and some vodka. And drink it with the accompanying breakfast blunt, eh?
THIS KIND OF OPPORTUNITY WILL NOT OCCUR AGAIN. We can only sit and watch it not happen.

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Don Myers said...

What a pleasure to have come back to one of my favorite blogs on a whim...and see NEW posts! Thanks, Siri and Undie.