November 23, 2012



This had to be fun for the Obama girls.  That's my President pardoning not one, but two turkles this year.  Such a lovely family, his election to the Presidency made me proud to be an American.  And he's kept me proud by running a class administration that continues to wipe the stench left in that office from the previous occupant shithead asshole illegal election stealing war criminal dumb ass.

And that's my opinion and oughter be Rush's!


I wish all the readers of Maru's blog, and Maru, a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and I hope we all remain mindful of our many wondrous blessings throughout the remainder of 2012 and through the year of 2013, till I "see" all of you back again here on Turkle Day, one year from now.

You are APPRECIATED.   We at WTF are thankful to know ye.