November 24, 2012

Poverty is Poverty is Poverty......................


Here's A Crazy Graphic To Share With Those Judgmental People Who Go Off About Poor People



herlanderwalking said...


Thank you!

Capt. Bat Guano said...

You hand them a copy of that right after you punch 'em in snot locker.

Anonymous said...

The thing that gets on my nerves is seeing people like my sister (she's a doctor, her husband is a pharmacist) - shopping at Goodwill or consignment places where you can buy clothes for a few dollars. They can afford to pay more for clothes. There are other people out there who are in trouble financially and they need those clothes. But the sister is cheap as hell and she doesn't concern herself with those who are less fortunate.

Anonymous said...

Darlin', there's assholes alll over this world. They gotta be in someone's family. I'm the relative of several my own self. Ah feel fer ye.

Anonymous said...

That is just tooo cute!!! You can be poor and look rich! Only in America, baby. BTW have you noticed we have the fattest poor people in the world? I'm telling you- we have to get some thought police on the job. These judgemental types should just be whacked. The only thing's probably THEIR taxes paying for your food stamps. Can't kill the goose. How can you tell they are judging?? Just by the way they look at you- right? Don't tell me they have audacity to SAY something! They are NOT allowed to express themselves. Only if it's something nice.
And Anonymous with the sister- can't they make a law banning rich people from thrift shops? Only to donate.
Now personally, I save my judgements for the sad state of our government and administration that is giving away the store. Helping the poor is always easy with other people's money! The sad truth is that the country is bankrupting itself, spending money it doesn't have, promising goodies to everyone, except of course those selfish rich people. Tax them more! They can afford it. Who do they think they are, anyway? Now if you're getting stuff from the government, you like it. Who wouldn't? More free stuff! More free money! More Obamaphones!

Anonymous said...

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