November 12, 2012

Faux's Luntz Says “Fox News (sic) viewers should be outraged”, given brain transplants

Fox Flunky Frank Luntz Says “Fox News Viewers Ought To Be Outraged”

Indeed, Fox News viewers should be outraged – At Luntz and Fox News! After all, that is where conservative voters were fed the most conspicuously dishonest misinformation about the election and the projected outcome. They are the reason that Romney and his supporters were described as “shell-shocked” when they realized that he had lost. They are the ones who promoted nonsense like “Unskewed Polls” that ironically sought to skew published polling so that Romney came out ahead. 
Fox News was so brazenly hypocritical in their reporting of election surveys that they chose to only publish polls that had Romney in the lead. They ignored or disparaged any poll that put Obama on top – even their own Fox News commissioned polls.


Anonymous said...

One of my right-wingnut relatives posted on Facebook last Tuesday morning that she was so excited - it was just like Christmas - wondering what wonderful gifts she was getting in her stocking. When it turned out she got only coal, her FB account was silent for several days. I read her Tuesday posting, and wondered where she was getting her information that she would be so gleeful. Must have been Faux Noise.


tom said...

Woo HOO welcome back

Julian said...

Been a long time. I missed you, Maru!!