November 13, 2012

Yaiz!!! Maru is Back!!!!

I, like many, love you, maru. Nice to see ya back!!!!!
Undie Lib


Lex Alexander said...


sandman4 said...

Welcome back, Maru - I used to visit this hilarious site daily before you took your hiatus, and then sorely missed your brand of humor afterwards. Kudos and thanks to the folks that kept the lights on in your absence.

suttree said...

Yay Maru! You were the one who got me into looking at blogs. Your snark is impeccable! Welcome back!

Big Em said...

Maru -- Let me echo the 'welcome-back' sentiments. The other posters are great (Siri deserves special recognition for his/her efforts over the past few month!) but you've got that special knack for the understated trenchent commentary, done with an appealing crudeness . As others have mentioned, you saved me a lot of $$ not having to pay a psychoanalyst during the W years!

Alexis Marlons said...

Welcome back Maru!!

maru said...

Aw, hey, thanks so much, guys!!

Posting is still a pain with this damn broken mouse, and the 'puter has developed a HUGE tear running across the bottom.

Am I going to die from radiation poisoning??

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