November 9, 2012



Ass kissing brown nose ex general Gen. David (Betray Us) Petraeus leaves the CIA after admitting that he found a NEW appendage to stick into someone's orifice, no longer just relying on shit on his nose for intimacy....Who cares?  As far as I'm concerned the little weasel leaving puts a cherry on the top of the sundae that is the 2012 elections.   I'm revelling in the sticky goo that is VICTORY for dems and sane people everywhere!   This guy was a loyal Bushy from way back.   So I wonder who it was who threatened to expose his exposure.  More later maybe, meanwhile, GOOD RIDDANCE TO RANCID GARBAGE.

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DontFearTheReaper said...

I'm hoping someone on the Obama team told this fukwit to quit or be court martialed. Maybe now we can get the fuk outta dodge.