November 7, 2012

Suck it long and hard, Karl, you fuckwit!

Did anyone else watch the Turd Blossom meltdown on Faux last night?

While the Prez was raking in state after state and going over 300, the still-unindicted pusbag was not handling the Ohio call very well. His cohosts were practically telling him to shut up, take his crazy, and go back under his rock.

Eat it, Rove, YOU LOST. And $ MILLIONS, too.



Lex Alexander said...

Sadly, even after expenses and taxes, Rove probably netted $20MM from this year's gig.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Maru! Please don't leave us again. Nobody can tell Turd Blossom to suck it - quite like you!

Anonymous said...

We love you, Maru! And love your asshat graphic. Hope you come back to play with us.


Lex Alexander said...

Damn, I'm so used to seeing Siri's name on these posts that I didn't even realize at first that Maru was back. Welcome! We've missed you!

maru said...

I love you guys!!