November 7, 2012

Woot woot woot!!!!!!!!

Yayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So high and exhausted right now... :D

 Funny: one reason Romney lost? He didn't talk about Benghazi enough, sez

 The fact he was a lying, flipflopping asshole, not so much.


 High-fives, everyone!!!



One Fly said...

You came back. The day is even better now!

maru said...


Anonymous said...

Maru!!! HUGE HUGZ. Have u kept up with Undie and me? You back is that much more to celebrate today!

maru said...

Siri, you guys are doing FANTASTIC!!! Thank you so much!!

We still keep losing internet and phone here, and now the stupid mouse is acting up, so its really hard to do anything.

Once everything is working I can start updating some links, and maybe our banner pic.